translated from Spanish: Day 4 in a doctor’s diary: «I pray for you»

«I pray for you, » Silvia told me yesterday, after bringing me fried cakes in the afternoon. I feel ungrateful to my neighbors. They leave me drawings, they bring food, they get together at 9 p.m. on the doorstep and I don’t know how to cope with that affection. I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine going out on the street. I listen to them at 9 p.m. and cry.
Yesterday at that time we had to face the handling of a corpse at the moment, where it is still difficult for us to differentiate the usual pathologies from those that correspond to Coronavirus.

We are in those days where many cases can be related and others can’t. In this area of uncertainty and the good use of human resources and input we have to be very strict.
We all agree that there is a turning point these days. We’re going to go to sleep the few hours we tried to do with unfinished business. In the early morning I get up and write down things to get them out of my head, to relieve those mental notes.

When I get up, I realize I never dine and there are the fried cakes. Like one. I’m taking the rest to the hospital. I see the religious image that Silvia, my neighbor put in to remind me that you are praying for everyone. I’m perssigned. I am someone who was always close to church, parish, catechist mother, etc. Today I believe more in a third worldist priest than in the institution, but I perstor. I do not know. I believe and as I counted yesterday are moments of seeking contention.

The fried cakes reach my mates. I feel like I’m becoming a fanatical input manager. We are very concerned about inputs and meetings become collective catharsis. You can see watery eyes. We join each other, but we are no stranger to that feeling that comes upon us. What we’re going to live on will be something of an unimaginable dimension and we’re preparing for that.
It’s about getting ready, and mobilizes to see doctors training intubation. I’m on the guard several times. I try to remember the case definitions. To be clearer I say: «This is. Not this. If such a patient is not a suspect, the family should not worry.» I say it, but I understand your concern.

The population is worried and we suffer from seeing those queues at the banks. Now is the time to stay in the houses. It is now, we cannot take those missteps as a society. But, of course, people need the money. And we health teamers need to be calm. Many protection elements are no longer achieved. Then come donations and masks over here, paper bags and minions ganks over there, homemade camisolines.

At this point we select and save everything. We can’t dismiss anything and we decide while we wait for reinforcements to see how we’re going to handle what we have.
We have to foresee, we have to plan, we can’t leave things in God’s hands. I bend through the Quila, I cross the monoblocks of Ciudad Evita. In the middle of Crovara and among rubbish that reminds me not to forget that there is much dengue, among all that, a small wall says Spinetta –García, and Crovara and among rubbish that reminds me not to forget that there is much dengue, among all that , a small wall says: «Spinetta –García».  And I come back at dusk listening to Prayer for you.

Original source in Spanish

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