translated from Spanish: Spain: Present official anthem of the fight against COVID-19: “I will resist”

These are critical moments for the more than 166 countries trying to stop the advance of COVID-19 that has already claimed more than 50,508 lives, left a balance of 986,776, and fortunately more than 206,372 patients were discharged.
In this sense, despite the division of borders and the call for strict preventive isolation provided by many authorities and governments, technology and social networks allow people to remain connected to each other. Even in many countries – as in Italy – this sense of unity was reflected in the songs from balconies and windows. In Argentina at 9pm many have a round of applause to highlight the work of health workers, security forces and those who today cannot remain in their homes; and some even sing the national anthem.

It is in this context that in Spain, more than 50 artists, including David Bisbal, Melendi, Manuel Carrasco, Rozalén, Vanesa Martín, Rosana, Alex Ubago, Alvaro Soler, among other prestigious figures, recorded – each from their homes – a new version of the classic “Resist” (released in 1988). In the first part you hear women singing, and then male voices, which then converge harmoniously. The truth is that from March 15, the original song increased its listening on Spotify by more than 435%, so the station Cadena 100 decided to gather the talents in a renewed production that also has a beneficial purpose. According to the communiqué of ANSA, a leading cable service in Italy, the propagation and reproductions obtained from the video will gather funds that will go to Caritas.

“I will resist”, a new version of more than 50 Spanish artists against the coronavirus

In Argentina it was also a subject of great significance, it even featured a reversal group AQM, led by the Cordoba balladist David Bolzoni, for the daily strip of the same name (2003) starring Pablo Echarri and Celeste Cid.
It should be remembered that this is not the first time that artists have joined with a theme that has a heartfelt lyric commensurate with the times that run. It was actress Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman”) who shared the initiative of many colleagues singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” together.In this note:

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