translated from Spanish: State Preventive Police secures two people after 911 report in Culiacán

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- Following a report on The 9-1-1 Emergency Line, elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) in coordination with the Municipal Police were mobilized to an area near Urbivilla del Roble, in the state capital, where they achieved the assurance of two people who carried a firearm and a sharp object. The events occurred on Geovanni Zamudio Avenue, between the Libramiento Sur Benito Juárez and Calle Privada Octavio Paz, where a security element of a winery belonging to a well-known dairy company reported the entry of armed people to the site.

Municipal police rushed in, freed three security guards who were mmaged inside, immediately in support, arrived in uniforms from the State Preventive Police to conduct a joint review of the site. In addition, a security operation was deployed on the outside of the hold in mention, where state police officers discovered that two male people with an evasive attitude, carrying a firearm and a knife among their belongings, were trying to escape, however, they were secured.

Seized Weapon / Photo: Courtesy

The persons were identified as Arturo Rigoberto «N» and César Ulises «N», the latter with criminal records for vehicle theft and aggravated theft in commercial premises, both were made available to the competent authority, who through the corresponding investigations will determine their degree of participation. With these actions, the Sinaloa Secretariat of Public Security, through the State Preventive Police, shows its commitment to respond quickly and in a timely manner to the calls of society, so it is invited to use responsibly 9-1-1 and 089 for anonymous reporting. In addition, the call of the State Government, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, to stay at home in the face of the health contingency in Mexico and Sinaloa is reiterated.

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