translated from Spanish: Diary of a doctor in pandemic: «Get your hands in. This is a wash!»

They take out all the rings, the bracelets, the watches and leave them here. The box Patricia enters the room with a stir. With her he tries to prove that our handwashing is sometimes not how effective it seems. The gel alcohol is mixed with Fluorescein and hands are placed inside this box that has an ultraviolet light that shows the places where the wash did not arrive properly. It’s part of a training.

Handwashing is critical in infection control and in the fight against the spread against coronavirus. It can be made with soap and water or dry with gel alcohol. Yes, that gel alcohol we all use since the 2009 Influenza A pandemic. Today we are familiar with this product. That’s how good the pandemic left us back then.
This hand wash should last more than 30 seconds. It seems very little, but in practice rarely in our homes we spend that time washing our hands.

He’s already known. They tell Alma in the Garden. It is the time that takes us to sing 2 times the happy birthday or the Clown Plin Plin (great scene of the film «Time of Braves», between Diego Peretti and Luis Luque, in which they «discover» that both have the same melody).
Cantá of the two that you like the most, but notice that we do not always dedicate that time, says Patricia, who is happy. She is one of the many nurses who, besides praning for me one of the most admirable trades, never ceases to train. He spent his weekend putting that box together. Today he had an immense smile when he saw doctors, kinesiologists, nurses and anyone who passed through the Medical Clinic Room surprised by ultraviolet light.
For hand washing to be effective there must be nothing on our hands. Watches and rings have been proven to be the most difficult elements of the correct technique.
These days the prices of alcohol gel are absurd. They sell out of poor quality. People bring it in. Go elbows. The pandemic was not enough, it also brought us hugs, handshakes and kisses. I look at my profile and I need those little hands from my kids. In the hallways many say that their partners do not approach, that they evaluate to move to another side.

I ask Valeria, my social worker friend, if you won’t let me use her son’s room that recently left. «Not crazy,» she replies. Matthew is asthmatic. Besides being asthmatic, he’s a footballer, but the ones that are cracks. I’ll charge you with the kid. She squeaks her heavenly eyes and laughs. Social workers have already started to be part of the high-end and patient-tracking circuit. Today we’re all family. We need each other, we question each other, we chicanodo with scientific articles and bad answers that of scientists have nothing.

We get results. All day we enter the SISA (Integrated Health Information System Argentina). 4 negative. Celebrate. On that screen we are informed of the results of patients who were swabs to evaluate the presence of coronavirus. Sometimes we’re late coming in and updating. We make room passes by chat, at any time all connected.

Today we are family and uncertainty is killing us, but we know whatever it is in this we are involved in. Or you wash your hands and don’t take care of it. Or take responsibility, roll up your arms, take your rings off and wash your hands to work in public health against COVID-19.

Original source in Spanish

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