translated from Spanish: Educational materials on mobility and safe driving

The civil association Luchemos por Vida offers a tool for the dissemination of the theme of road safety and the prevention of injuries and deaths in transit through different sections.
The sections are separated by: Magazine, Studies, Safety and Road Education, Statistics, Campaigns, News, etc.
In addition, it provides spaces for the participation of all through sections in which various complaints can be made. It also contains testimonies of shared traffic victims in “Tell Your Story.”

Tiered recommendations:

For primary or elementary students, the video “Pedestrian Hunters” to be used with children ages 10 to 13 is a film that promotes the participation of educators and stimulates their ability to reflect, around the theme of the transit system and the safe pedestrian behavior.
For mid-level students, it offers the online course “Driving for Life”, about how to get safely in transit such as pedestrians and drivers. It is part of the program “Driving for Life”, which for 4 years Luchemos por Vida develops with the support of Ford.
Teachers can take advantage of this educational material remotely, developed by experts, integrating the subject to the different curriculum subjects, with the help of the information that has been available to them on the website (See Guide for Educators).

The course consists of a video presentation and 10 short videos of between 5 and 8 minutes, with various contents, such as, statistical information, how to move safely such as pedestrians and cyclists, the psychophysical effects of alcohol, distractions, energy speed, what’s the point of wearing your helmet when driving and seat belts, among others.

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