translated from Spanish: Man is deprived of life by motorcycle guys in Zamora

Zamora, Michoacán.- A man was shot by kittens on a motorcycle, who later fled, while people called the police to ask for help. It all happened in the Revolution colony in this city of Zamora, police commanders said.
The event was on Monday on Insurgentes Street, opposite number 7. The loved ones of the now-West identified him with the representatives of the law as José Trinidad A., alia of «El Goeva», 35 years old, a person who had his residence in that place, detailed official contacts.
The affected’s deudos claimed that the person was a recycler. Witnesses to the criminal event commented that the aggrieved man was shot dead by two guys who managed to escape aboard a black motorcycle. The body was put in a forensic ambulance and then taken to the amphitheater.
The motive of the attack is currently unknown, but it is hoped that with the inquests everything will be clarified. The public security and National Guard agents made various tours of the settlement in question and the surrounding neighborhoods, but at the end of the patrols there were no positive results in arrests.

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