translated from Spanish: No economic strategy on the part of AMLO: Jorge Villalobos

Sinaloa.- There is no economic strategy on the part of the president, said the local deputy, Jorge Iván Villalobos, considering that, his message given yesterday, he became aware of the magnitude of the impact of coronavirus on the country. The PAN’s lawmaker said the president continued his populist, polarized speech that, not to pay the country’s bailout, nor proposes solutions to address the health crisis. He said that, in the face of the lack of wealth generation that has been registering in the country since the beginning of this government, the intention to distribute more money through its social programs is doubtful. 

«I thought I was reporting to the nation of its jobs, regardless of the pandemic, I don’t know where it’s going to try to get enough recourse to deal with contingency, if we’re losing revenue,» he said. Another point to be highlighted by the legislator was that the federal government has also put AMLO’s policy ahead by disseminating figures of Covid-19 cases that do not correspond to reality. He said the president has preferred to hide cases of death and strangely label them as caused by atypical pneumonia so as not to alert the population and maintain the image of his government. «By betting on misinformation to prevent the number of cases from increasing public opinion, people in hospitals continue to die from atypical pneumonia without testing Covid, what is causing Mexico to show itself as one of the least infected countries had,» he said.

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