translated from Spanish: 528 vehicles are intercepted while travelling to quarantine in second homes in the Valparaiso region

The health check put in place by the Government to prevent vehicles with entire families from reaching the Valparaiso region to pass quarantine there during Easter is yielding positive results, as on the last Sunday, a total of 528 cars were intercepted.
Another 38, according to the newspaper El Mercurio, were surprised over the weekend when they had already reached the urban areas of Algarrobo and Zapallar.
In this regard, the head of the National Defense in Valparaiso, Rear Admiral Yerko Marcic reported that controls have already been carried out on 23,035 people travelling on 138 buses and 8,712 vehicles; and 8 health summaries were held for quarantine non-compliance, so offenders risk fines of up to $50 million pesos.
Marcic also said air patrol was incorporated.
There are 15 access controls established on the roads that give access to the coastal cities of the Fifth Region. Other health checks will be carried out around the Metropolitan region, the Gran Concepción and the communes of Temuco and Padre Las Casas, from Thursday 9 to 18 hours until Sunday 12 at 22 hours.
«Absolutely all vehicles are going to be stopped, there is going to be temperature control of people going in those vehicles, there will be verification of quarantines of confirmed cases and also of possible contagions, there will be quarantine control according to the locations where those people come from,» the Minister of Public Works said. , Alfredo Moreno.

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