translated from Spanish: Follow these tips to prevent your hands from getting damaged after numerous daily washes

Measures that seek to prevent the spread of contagious coronavirus involve contact of hands with many chemicals that have nothing skin-friendly and if the necessary precautions are not taken, they can significantly damage it.
Andrés Figueroa, dermatologist at Clínica Universidad de los Andes, explained to hoyxhoy that products such as alcohol gel, soap and chlorine «decrease the effectiveness of the lipid mantle of the skin, which fulfills the function of barrier and water retention. That’s why prolonged exposure to these hygiene and cleansing items can lead to skin dehydrates and irritates as well.»
Considering that hand washing and surface hygiene cannot be omitted in the middle of this pandemic, the doctor suggested trying to use rather mild products and protect hands from contact of others as long as there is a possibility.
«We must try to keep soaps from being so aggressive,» Figueroa said, advising a syndet – synthetic surfactant that doesn’t come from fats or oils – rather than a soap. This, because having a lower pH are more skin-friendly. They are usually called soap without soap.
As for direct hand contact with detergents and washes, the expert suggested suspending it completely by using gloves to do the tasks that require its use.
Cream after washingThe cosmetologist of the Santa María Institute, Paz González, called to put moisturizing cream on her hands several times a day to avoid an excess of dryness. Figueroa agreed on this, who stated that the ideal is, at least, to resort to these products every time they finish drying their hands after washing.
If the cream has ceramides, much better, because according to the dermatologist they restore the skin, prevent dehydration and the formation of eczema (inflammation of the skin).
«Nails can also weaken and become brittle due to exposure to cleaning agents, so in addition to wearing gloves for work as possible, it’s also good to put on a layer or two of nail polish (it can be transparent if you’re looking for a go unnoticed) once a week, as it also protects,» Gonzalez added.

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