translated from Spanish: Joaquin Furriel and an anecdote from his teenage years: «He was the ghost that came back»

Joaquín Furriel participated in PH’s Saturday program, Podemos Hablar, where he told an anecdote about his teenage years.

«In the months of having the registration, at 17, my old men went to enjoy a walk out to the Capital with my old man’s car and my mom’s Fiat remained. I was with two friends who were going to live in Italy,» the actor began.» They were from Lanús. It was raining very finite and I told them I was taking them to Espora Avenue, which was the one the bondi passed through. I grabbed it slowly. I didn’t ask permission. I wasn’t taught to take out the car. I take them to Espora and when I return alone, type twelve, one, of the night…», he kept detailing.

He recalled: «I was going for the Little Rosales, which was all cobbled. So, I come packed, in third, shot down second, handbrake, volantazo and I go the other way. My handbrake was locked, the car wasn’t responding, and I stuck a stick against a tree. I still have an oversole in my nose. I get out of the car and go to my house, which was a block and a half away.» Obviously, upon learning, his father became angry and as punishment sent him to sleep inside the crashed car, so no one would take him away. «When I came back, the next day, everyone greeted me with a hug. It was the ghost that came back,» he concluded with a laugh.

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