translated from Spanish: Martín Cárcamo spoke of controversial 8M cover where he showed his truck: «I was very modest and very sorry»

On March 8, amid the commemoration of International Women’s Day and the mass marches that were replicated in different parts of the country, Martín Cárcamo generated controversy for appearing on the cover of LUN showing his luxurious van. At the time, the event generated a series of criticisms on social media, where they pointed to the animator and the interview granted. It was almost a month after what happened, when Carcamo decided to break the silence and talk about the episode. «I gave that interview three weeks before it was in the paper, in a context that’s obviously not 8M, for a section called ‘Cars Only,» he said via Instagram, in the middle of the show «Sleeping with the Blonde,» a conversational space he performs on the social network. In this regard, he added that it was initially a note that would come out after the Festival of Viña del Mar, adding that he thought it would be the cover of the supplement «cars only». However, after seeing that it was the main cover, he clarified that «it seemed to me that it did not correspond, as did all of Chile. And there I learned something, that the interviews finally one thinks that they will put it according to the criteria that one would apply, that it is not the front page of a newspaper in the 8M, which is obviously the day that can not go that cover, well that cover should never go». «I was very modest and very sorry for that cover. I didn’t decide it, I didn’t choose it, I didn’t choose that day, I didn’t choose that text and I gave it many days before and in another context,» he concluded.

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