translated from Spanish: Villa Ortúzar: Two doctors criminally denounced their neighbors for discrimination

They’re both doctors, they live in the same building and they didn’t know each other before. They teamed up not only to fight coronavirus in Argentina in the first line of fire, but also to denounce their neighbors for discrimination. After a long working day they arrived at their house and came across an intimidating sign, which was photocopied and stuck in all the common spaces of the building: «If you are a doctor: do not use the elevator, do not circulate through the building, take the measures not to fall into justice», reads the sign that at the same time clarifies, «here live many older adults».

The doctors, who received applause from thousands of Argentines at 9 p.m., felt anguish and fear of major ills from the neighbors for which they decided to make the complaint to justice criminally and contravention of the city of Buenos Aires for discrimination. It was made by lawyer Vadim Mischanchuk and they provided the poster as documentary evidence. One of the doctors works at Garrahan Hospital.The facts add to those that occurred days ago with a doctor in the Porteño neighborhood of Belgrano and an obstetrician in Recoleta who suffered the same attacks by their neighbors. In this note:

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