translated from Spanish: Coronavirus in Italy: by government decree students will go through grades

The critical situation of the advance of coronavirus in the world, especially in Italy led to the suspending of face-to-face classes in the territory since 4 March. And on this the million question svolved: what will happen to the students and the school year? After the outbreak of COVID-19 and I feel Italy one of the territories most affected by the impact of the virus, the classes were interrupted in person and from the beginning of March the Italian students had to continue with the course of their homes, through the Internet.

To give an answer the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, together with the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, passed a decree of law to ensure that students pass the course and thus end the school year 2019-2020.» He is absolutely a six politician,» said Azzolina, alluding to the expression that derives from the left-wing student movements of the 1970s, which refers to a general pass. While the measure contemplates the effort made by students who did not interrupt the contents, it does not remedy the evaluation instance.

Italian Education Minister Lucia Azzolina last night presenting the decree at a press conference Source: EFE

«We have thought of two possible options that will allow exams according to real learning also thanks to working with the didactics remotely, if there is knowledge to recover, they will do so in September,» she said. In addition, there will also be an instance of recovery of the program lost this course from 1 September, considered an ordinary teaching activity for both students and teachers. However, the situation of the students will be completed on 18 May when there are a few weeks left to finish the Italian school year. The government’s intention is that students should not be recursed by the pandemic, so action will be taken, and as they reported, they are already working on it. In this note:

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