translated from Spanish: «There’s always rock,» the network of quarantined artists

Music is one of the most affected spaces in times of pandemic, so different artists are looking for a way to get ahead and be able to offer their songs despite the lack of recitals. In this sense, and in a potential growth of streaming and digital area as a broadcast tool, different musicians and music came together to create a web portal that allows to connect the bands with the public: «There is always rock». 
Playlist, videos, special content, it is a network that will be in constant movement and with different activities: «We get stronger together. No matter where you are,» they wrote on the official website. He killed a Motorized Policeman, Battleship Potemkin, Andrea Alvarez, La Monkey, Las Ligas Minor, Beast Baby, Palo Pandolfo, Walking Barefoot, Francisco Bochatón and Cadena Perpetua integrate this initiative, which is supported by FM Mega.» We joined with the groups we know about laburar, with friends and with which we were about to close dates, to share our songs in bulk. The goal is to add reproductions, and have some kind of joint activity. We have a website to which we upload playlists, and in which we send a newsletter with merchandising promos, invitations to shows and sweepstakes», told Page 12 the manager Cecilia Díaz.In this note:
There’s always rock

Original source in Spanish

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