translated from Spanish: Turkmenistan organizes mass events despite covid-19

Asjabad, Turkmenistan.- The Government of Turkmenistan on Tuesday organized mass acts across the country to celebrate International Health Day, ignoring social estrangement advice and recommendations to fight the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The television of this former Soviet Republic of Central Asia broadcast images of hundreds of cyclists in identical sportswear circulating in Asjabad, the capital.

He also disseminated images of public office staff, and even hospitals, doing gymnastics outside or inside buildings. For his part, President Gourbangouly Berdymoukhamedov participated in a cycling tour and then did horseback riding, according to the images broadcast on state television. Turkmenistan claims that no covid-19 cases, the pandemic that killed more than 80,000 people worldwide since the beginning of January, have been detected on its territory. The government is known for its fondness for secrecy and abroad it is wary of its statistics. You may also be interested: Covid-19: UN supports 8 tons of inputs to Latin America Wednesday, official media reported that a hospital specializing in infectious diseases was being built without citing the new coronavirus. Last week, Gourbangouly Berdymoukhamedov, who has been chairing the country since December 2006, evoked the covid-19 pandemic by saying it was a threat to Turkmenistán.Al as Tajikistan, border country, Turkmenistan keeps schools and universities open. Turkmenistan, 5.5 million people, has a border with Iran, a country hard hit by the pandemic, with nearly 3,900 killed. You may also be interested: While Trump fights WHO, US records 2,000 coronavirus deaths New uptick in positive covid-19 cases in China

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