translated from Spanish: Denisse Malebran: «The art world has never been taken seriously in terms of work, we have nothing»

Like most artists Denisse Malebrán uses their social networks these days to maintain their connection with the public. Today, in fact, he will present via a live Instagram «Vals», the third single from his next solo album.
It was through that same platform that the national singer-songwriter expressed in mid-March her concern about the precariousness of her peers in the face of the current crisis over coronavirus, which has the music industry completely frozen. Through a video, he called on the public not to ask for a refund of his money for tickets purchased for concerts by national artists.
Her request was not well received by everyone and, according to her own account, she received a lot of «bad vibes». «I’ve tried not to talk about it anymore because the first few days I said it, they had to have my head asked for my head and hanged me,» Malebrán says.
«People think that you are saying that the reality of a stagehand is more important than that of a gentleman who has a kiosk, I do not say that, I say that, I say that it is logical that I am concerned about what happens in my space, because no one else cares. The art world is something that has never been taken seriously in terms of work, we have nothing,» she explains. «It’s a theme that maybe it’s not the time to play it because there are people who get very upset and who find it a frivolity to talk about shows right now, but I say if we’re workers just like any other,» he adds.
An intimate messageNuve years after his latest solo album, «Mi Caravana» (2011), Denisse Malebrán enlists these days the latest details of «Antipodes», work from which «Vals» is released, which tomorrow will be released on the different digital platforms and which today will advance in acoustic format on his Instagram account.
It is a song that, from a personal testimony, addresses machismo and genre stereotypes. «How many men brought me so many men brought me here/it hasn’t been worth the tour much less my ability, no,» says part of the lyrics.
Something Malebrán herself claims to have lived in her career. «It’s that thought that always what you achieved you did for a rooster, that’s always happened to me,» he says. «I’ve had to prove to the rest for 25 years that I’m the one doing my music,» he adds.
«Antipodas», an album that should have come out last year but was postponed by the social crisis, is the result of Malebrán’s work in parallel to Saiko, a project he maintains. «I realized I had this need to tell other stories that are very personal,» she explains. And despite the uncertain circumstances, he says that «I don’t want to take another year and I’m going to take it out in August because it’s a way to close the cycle.»

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