translated from Spanish: FIFA President: “No football match is worth more than a life”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino recalled that “no football match is worth more than a lifetime,” a reason more than “enough” to “wait” to return to competitions until the authorities say, as well as confirming that the governing body is preparing “adequate aid” to alleviate the economic impact of detention caused by the coronavirus pandemic.” Our top priority, our principle used for our competitions and which we encourage everyone to follow, is that health comes first. As much as I overheat it, it’s not enough. No human life is worth jeopardizing for any match, no competition and no league,” Infantino said in statements to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).” Everyone in the world should have this very clear in their head. It would be more than irresponsible to force competitions to resume if the situation is not 100 percent safe. If we have to wait a little longer, we will. It’s better to wait a little longer than take risks,” FIFA’s head said. Infantino also confirmed financial aid for football worldwide. “You may have heard of another of our priorities, which is the relief fund we are working on. I want to offer more information about it. Thanks to the work we have been doing together in FIFA for the last four years we have encountered a very strong financial situation,” he recalled. FIFA has a good reputation in financial markets and this has helped us to consolidate a base with important reserves. Our reserves are not FIFA money. That money is football money. And that’s why when football is in need, we need to think about what we can do to help. It is our responsibility and our duty, as I see it as fifa president,” the Swiss added. And because football has stopped all over the world, we are all facing economic problems, from the base to professional football. With this in mind, we are working with you to assess the financial impact so that we can prepare the right response,” he said. Finally, Infantino also confirmed that FIFA continues to study how best to resolve the contract conflict for those players who end their ties with a club on 30 June. If the competition continues to be held in July, an extension must be enabled, just as for the transfer market.” We are also studying player contracts and transfer markets to show flexibility and common sense in our legal approach to the future. And we will also discuss how we can help in a concrete and efficient way with the specific fund I mentioned earlier,” he concluded.

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