translated from Spanish: Piñera by people who violate health cord: “We are identifying them and we are going to sanction them”

On Friday morning, President Sebastián Piñera visited FACh Group 10, from where he addressed the situation in the country today due to the expansion of the coronavirus. In this regard, he referred to people who have violated customs and health cords, saying that “There are some who sit above the law and put the lives of others at risk. I want to be very clear we are identifying them and we will sanction them with the full rigour of the law.” On the other hand, he also spoke about the work of the Armed Forces, stating that 41,000 troops have been available. “They have worked together to protect our borders, to prevent illegal immigration from bringing to our country the infection of the virus that is attacking us.” He also insisted that “control of all the health measures we have taken” has been provided. On the contingency, he reiterated the country’s readiness for the pandemic and replied that “we have taken all decisions based on expert opinion and that has generated international recognition for us. The peak will be in late April, early May. I want to assure everyone, that we have prepared for anyone who requires medical attention, is going to have it, that’s what we’ve worked for.” He also concluded by referring to the criticisms of the Government, arguing that “there is no triumphalism in the government’s attitude. I began by saying that we are facing the most serious threat and the greatest challenge That Chile has ever faced probably in its health history.”

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