translated from Spanish: Minsal reports seven new covid-19 deaths and figure rises to 80 nationwide

Undersecretary of Public Health Paula Daza was responsible for delivering the advance of Covid-19 coronavirus in Chile. And in addition to the number of contagions that President Piñera he himself advanced this morning, the official reported that the death toll rose to 80 across the country since the start of the pandemic.
Let us remember that there were 86 new contagions in the last 24 hours, leaving 7,213 infected in the country. Of the total, Daza commented that 318 people remain connected to mechanical ventilation, 78 of them in critical condition.
The undersecretary further noted that 2,059 people have been recovered to date, or those who have spent 14 days of quarantine.
Regarding the death toll, Paula Daza lamented the death of 7 people in the last 24 hours, of which one belongs to the Region of Magellan, another to the Region of Arica, three are of the Metropolitan, one of the Uble and one of Los Ríos. Six of these seven people were in a serious condition with several diseases.
On the other hand, the undersecretary reported that 82,271 PCR tests were carried out and only 5,897 of them were carried out yesterday. This is why it can be inferred that 4.8% of the tests were positive.
Undersecretary of Care Networks Arturo Zúñiga added the data on the number of mechanical ventilatts and argued that «the number of patients has remained stable for the last three days, between 383, 387 patients in intensive care units.»
«To this day there are 553 fans available to any citizen who requires it,» he said.

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