translated from Spanish: Online concert: Andrea Bocelli fills Milan Cathedral with music and hope

The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli performed this Sunday (12.04.2020) a brief Easter concert with chosen themes from the religious music repertoire in Milan’s imposing cathedral, emptied by the emergence of the coronavirus, to give hope to the world right now.
The half-hour concert, broadcast live on social media, began with Bocelli’s words in which he explained that he believes in «the strength of praying together» and in «Easter as a symbol of rebirth for both believers and non-believers at a time when he feels the need.»
«The positive and courageous Milan and Italy will be a winning model and model of the renaissance that we all expect,» Bocelli said as images of an empty Italy were being issued because of the coronavirus, but which further showed all its beauty.

From the inside, Bocelli began his concert «Music for Hope» accompanied only by his voice and the organist of the temple, Emanuele Vianelli, in front of one of the largest and most imposing organs on the planet.
While the camera also showed the details of the cathedral’s wonderful stained glass windows, Bocelli began performing the traditional «Panis Angelicus» and followed Bach’s «Ave Maria», the «Sancta Maria» of Pietro Mascagni’s opera «Cavallería Rusticana» and Rossini’s «Domine Deus».
Outside the cathedral in a spectral square, Bocelli performed John Newton’s «Amazing Grace» accompanied by images of the world’s major cities with Paris, London or New York completely deserted.

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