translated from Spanish: Thailand: implemented helmets with face protection for babies

Thailand’s health workers, concerned about the spread of coronavirus in newborn babies, created a helmet with a face screen covering their entire heads and has already been set in motion in some hospitals so that children are not infected, even if the influence of the virus is less than on older adults. In the widespread images it is seen that the children wear the mask with the protective screens placed on their face, fastened to the forehead by a different colored base that bears the logo of the Praram 9 hospital center, which is located in Bangkok.

Newborn protective helmet

Thailand was the first country to detect the virus outside China and is one of the least spreading Asian countries. Since January, 2,518 cases have been reported, 1,013 patients have fully recovered and 35 people lost their lives.
The baby helmet was not the only measure taken by the Thai government. In Bangkok, they have installed some vending machines selling cloth minions, made by prisoners, at 70 euro cents at train stations.» We want to avoid physical contact and stop the spread of the virus. Buyers will feel more comfortable and safe when buying masks from machines,» said Wasin Vannaprugues, marketing director of Rail Link Airport.In this note:

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