translated from Spanish: Agustín Pichot: why he wants to preside over World Rugby and the self-criticism for fernando Báez Sosa’s crime

Agustín Pichot officially ran as a candidate for world rugby president and will rival Englishman Bill Beaumont, the bank’s current top-run. The election will be held on April 26 in a virtual way and the results will be known on May 12. Under the slogan «United – It’s our moment», the former captain of the Argentine national team launched his candidacy for the period 2020/2024 through a statement disseminated on his social networks.

In a key election at critical moments for rugby, which in turn presents itself as an opportunity to align our sport globally, I have decided to run as a candidate for President of World Rugby.
Download the doc to find out why:—Agustin Pichot (@AP9_)
April 11, 2020

Pichot’s 7 proposals
«Women and men, we all fight for, and believe in, a just, equal and more inclusive world. It’s true?. If so, it’s time to make these dreams come true for our sport, rugby.»
«It’s time to think of a sport where professional and commercial revenues are a real benefit for all, encouraging rugby growth around the world and leaving back the time when those benefits were just for some.»
«It is time to change, to focus our attention, love and dedication on all unions and federations equally. Starting with the traditional Unions that have nurtured our game to be what it is today, keeping them strong.»
«We must develop and support our emerging nations that are struggling to survive and transcend their regions, so that one day they will be present in the big stages of International Rugby, Sevens, World Cups, all being competitive and strong.»
«Rugby is much more than a sport, it is a healthy, powerful and inclusive force, a sign of hope for all young people around the world. A force that can make them able to turn the world they have into the world they desire. With love, passion and equity. Are we ready for this? Are we really prepared for this challenge? I’m ready. I am prepared, eager and able to make this a reality, but I need them with me.»
«It is time for World Rugby to prioritize the essentials of our sport: the game, its values and its players, focusing our time, resources and investments on them and not on our bureaucracy or internal needs.»
«It’s time to align rugby in a truly global way, and not to be left behind as isolated unions and federations. It’s time to do it, together. All UNITED».
The crime of Fernando Báez Sosa
Last January, Fernando Báez Sosa was brutally beaten and killed by a group of rugby players at Villa Gesell. This episode was added to other events that occurred before that were also starring rugbiers and left the sport in the eye of criticism, pushing it to perform an introspection.
In this regard, Pichot acknowledged that rugby must do self-criticism. «It was a crime and out of respect for the family and justice I did not think it appropriate to speak publicly at the time. I don’t think rugby is that. But we have to make a strong self-criticism of the responsibility we have in the clubs and players those we teach or are leaders. We have to do a big self-criticism. We’re doing it. We are responsible for the stereotypes we have allowed in our clubs,» the presidential candidate said in an interview with la Nación newspaper, adding: «Rugby is a sport of strength and aggression, but it doesn’t justify one being violent off the court. No player is trained to be violent off the court. We need to change many things that were culturally accepted, such as baptisms (for debutants), let alone fights or physical or psychological violence of any kind.»

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