translated from Spanish: Amid the health crisis they register new femicide in Rapel, located in the Christmas commune

The authorities’ worldwide warnings about the increase in violence against women for the compulsory or voluntary isolation they have requested from the population as a measure to prevent the advancement of Covid-19, materialized when a new case of femicide was registered in Chile.
The event occurred on Saturday in the Rapel sector, located in the Christmas commune. According to the background, the 49-year-old had shotgun wounds, his 53-year-old partner while committing suicide after the attack.
As reported by the Major of the Third Police Station of the commune of Pichilemu, Italo Roco, to El Rancagueino, «staff of the Christmas Rapel retainer was alerted by a witness of the events, who stated that his father and mother moments had played a family discussion».
According to the group Miles Chile, they both had four common older children and it was one of them who denounced the events. The woman had filed a complaint of psychological violence in 2016 against her aggressor.
So far staff of the Homicide Brigade (BH) of the Rancagua POI are investigating the facts. As the chief prosecutor of Pichilemu, Rodrigo Troncoso, dated for Radio Cooperativa that «currently they maintained a coexistence within the same property, but in separate rooms and as a result of what one of the daughters told us, is that the mother would have started a new relationship with another subject. By being asked of the other (victim) subject to withdraw from the property, he would have made the decision to attack the woman, once he was left alone with her.»
According to the figures carried by the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, this would be the eleventh femicide so far this year, while the figures of the Miles Chile Corporation, it would be number 13, the difference is due to the typification of the concept of femicide that has the law and the definition that feminist groups carry.

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