translated from Spanish: Barbarita Palacios presented «Angel in War» with Fernando Ruiz Díaz

Barbarita Palacios released «Angel en Guerra», his new song, for which he had the collaboration of Fernando Ruiz Díaz. The song is now available on all digital platforms, and has already become a hit. The single anticipates what will be «Criolla», his next album, produced by Gustavo Santaolalla. For its part, the video featured the direction of Pix Talarico and original visuals made for the song by Agustin Ferrando.

«Angel at War» refers to women’s struggle for the expansion of their rights and the artist’s positively active stance on it; in turn, in the current context we live, it refers to a necessarily leisurely present of frantic human activity and its future. For this, Barbarita’s electric guitars merge with Ruiz Díaz’s Creole guitars, in a black-and-white video where musicians get carried away by the chaos of the city and the universe.» When you see it, put the volume on the taco and flash with these ‘Angels at War’ through the clouds, and what’s left of these empty cities, of us, some of all this that was and that was already, luckily,» the artist said on Instagram.In this note:
Barbarita Palacios
Angel at war
Fernando Ruiz Diaz

Original source in Spanish

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