translated from Spanish: Elisabet Casanovas from «Merlí» to «Drama»: a series that explores beyond the youth universe

Peripatetics fly. With that clichéd phrase that refers to the growth of a person – a metaphor that alludes to the flight of the bird when leaving the nest – we can talk about how the careers of the actors who formed the classroom of Merlí (Francesc Orella), an outgoing and hardened professor of philosophy who wins the hearts of his students, continued. The Catalan series of – which also featured its adaptation in the novel When We Were the Peripatetics, by the creator and screenwriter of fiction, Héctor Lozano – whose three seasons are available on Netflix, developed the story of a course of teenagers, who have transformed their lives and desires since the arrival of an un traditional teacher.

Like the students, the actors in the strip also grew professionally. Carlos Cuevas (Pol Rubio) starred in the spin-off of the strip, «Merlí: sapere aude» focusing on his character, while Albert Baró (Joan Capdevila) crossed the Atlantic to headline Pol-ka’s production of «Argentina: Land of Love and Revenge». And in this case we will talk about Elisabet Casanovas who knew how to get rid of the sensitive and idealistic T.nia Illa to get into the shoes of Africa, a young woman who after discovering that she is pregnant – but does not know whose – begins to rethink life, and with it the difficulties of immersing herself in adulthood.

Elisabet Casanovas in Merlí, next to Carlos Cuevas Photo: Instagram @elisabetct

The actress was chosen to play the character in «Drama», a Catalan series that is already available for free to watch on the PlayZ platform, ideal to enjoy in moments of leisure during the mandatory quarantine, arranged as a prevention to the advance of the coronavirus in the world. The fiction created by Dani Amor and directed by Ginesta Guindal, explores beyond teenage conflicts and crosses the femenid universe from a look that contemplates desire and more.Complete the cast, Julia Bonjoch, Artur Busquets, Carla Linares, Alex Maruny, Eduard Buch, Ignatius Farray, Joana Belmonte, Saskia Giró, Mireia Portas, Aimar Vega, David Menendez, Albert Salazar, Laura Weissmahr, Dani Amor, Cintia Ballbé, Enric Cambray, Luis Fabra, Paula Jornet, Iñaki Mur, Charlie Pee, Oriol Puig, Júlia Truyol.

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