translated from Spanish: ISSSTE staff and Balbuena Hospital protest lack of inputs

Doctors and nurses from two hospitals protested on Monday about the lack of supplies and safety protocols to care for patients with COVID-19.
The protests took place at isSSTE’s October 1 Hospital, the Gustavo A. Madero mayoral station and the Balbuena General Hospital, venustiano Carranza.
They call for an inflatable hospital to prevent contagion
Medical staff at Balbuena General Hospital protested in the vicinity of the nososcope in demand for medical supplies and the realization of a triage or appropriate protocol to identify cases of COVID-19 when patients enter hospitalization, since most have been classified as atypical pneumonia.
Some 50 nurses accused the authorities of indifferent to the deficiencies and deficiencies claimed, such as the lack of material and supplies such as masks, head covers, gloves, so they have had to buy them in order to work. «The little material that exists is of very poor quality,» accused one nurse.
In addition, they call for the hospital helipad area, which depends on the Government of Mexico City, to be enabled to build an inflatable hospital and there cases of coronavirus to avoid contagion are addressed.
Authorities note that Balbuena is not a receiving hospital for coronavirus patients; however, cases suspected of having COVID-19 continue to arrive and enter the facility, so they could infect both medical staff and other patients, they reported.
Nurses reported the death in the last days of several people, but are classified with atypical pneumonia, so they consider that triage that applies to admission is not appropriate.
Medical staff said they were afraid of being contagion and thus putting their health at risk.
Care without adequate protection
Medical staff of the Hospital 1 de Octubre of the ISSSTE blocked the crossing of the avenue Instituto Politécnico Nacional and Colector 13 in demand of medical supplies to attend cases of COVID-19.
Nearly 30 coronavirus patients are admitted to the nosocomy, according to nonconformed medical personnel, who were assigned to the areas of intensive care in emergencies and hospitalization upon admission.
However, this was not informed and they were treated without any adequate protection, so they are now afraid of being infected.

09:02 #PrecauciónVial #QuédateEnCasa Protesters continue at Avenida Instituto Politécnico Nacional at the height of Colector 13. #AlternativaVial Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, Avenida Montevideo and Avenida Insurgentes

For this reason, they demanded personal protective equipment because they do not want to infect their family when they arrived at their homes. They even reported that one of his classmates died a few days ago infected by COVID-19.
The Hospital 1 de Octubre was designated to attend cases of coronavirus, so they will receive patients from other nosomios, however, medical personnel declare that they do not have the necessary inputs to give adequate care, since they only have acetate masks and simple head coverings.
After a few hours of protest, Celia San Pedro, representative of Section 41, went out to explain that inside they were holding a meeting in the general management of the hospital with authorities where the supplies were being supplied.
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