translated from Spanish: New York surpasses 10,000 killed by coronavirus

New York already counts 10,056 killed by coronavirus, after recording another 671 fatalities on the last day, gov. Andrew Cuomo reported on Monday, who has said that «the worst has happened.» Cuomo has detailed in press conference that on Sunday there were 9,385 deceased by Covid-19 and in these 24 hours there have been another 671 deaths, so the total is already 10,056.The New York leader stressed that «it is not as bad as in the past», because a slight decrease in the number of people who are deceased is beginning to be detected, because a slight decrease in the number of people who are deceased , as reported by CNN. The number of confirmed cases in New York is already 195,031, with an average daily income of 2,000 people, which shows that «the curve starts to flatten,» although the numbers are still high, so «it looks like we’re on a plateau.» Cuomo has expressed concern that the coronavirus may spread from New York City into the suburbs. «This is like watching a fire that advances through the dry grass with strong winds,» he said. Thus, he has refused to clarify when social isolation measures will be revoked, although he has stressed that «it will not be like turning off and turning on a switch», but will be progressive. Cuomo wanted to convey a positive message to New Yorkers assuring that «the worst has happened if we remain smart.» «If we confine ourselves, if we take precautions, we can control the spread. We can feel good about that,» he said. New York is the epicenter of coronavirus in the United States, which this weekend has become the country hardest hit by the pandemic, both in the number of cases, about 560,000, and the dead, more than 22,000.

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