translated from Spanish: Reveal the first image of «Dune»: Timothée Chalament’s new film

Once the first photograph was published, social media exploded and became a trend on Twitter, that is, in the most commented. That’s one of the furore effects that causes a promising actor to land on a new film project, even though cinemas have their doors closed and artists can’t gather to record in the face of the coVID-19 threat. On a desolate beach, we see Timothée Chalament between black covers and gloves. This is the first image in the film «Dune» (published by Vanity Far magazine), one of the upcoming projects that the actor recognized by his characters will face in the Oscar nominees «Call me by your name».

Timothée Chalament is Paul Atreides in the new adaptation of «Dune»

«Dune» will not only make a remake of its 1984 predecessor directed by David Lynch, but is the adaptation of the novel of the same sci-fi (1965) by writer Frank Herbet, one of the most successful of the 20th century. This new version will be directed by Denis Villeneuve, filmmaker author of the prestigious films «The Arrival» and «Blade Runner 2049″.» Most of the ideas in ‘Star Wars’ come from ‘Dune’, so my purpose with this movie is to make the ‘Star Wars’ I could never see. Somehow, it’s a ‘Star Wars’ for adults,» Villeneuve said a while ago in dialogue with half-time Fandom.

To fulfill that task, the director assembled a formidable cast, who in addition to being led by Chalament, the young Hollywood promise, incorporates Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron in «Star Wars Rebecca»), Ferguson (the Ilsa Faust of the last «Mission Impossible»), Josh Brolin (Thanos in «Avengers: Infinity War» and «Endgame»), Jason Momoa («Aquaman»), Dave Bautista (Drax in «Guardians») , Zendaya (in Marvel’s last two Spider-Man, «Euphoria» and «The Great Showman»). Chalament will fall into the shoes of Paul Atreides, a young Caladan, who must abandon the comfort of his homeland to delve into the adventures and threats of an unknown land, the dangerous mining planet known as Arrakis.

First image of the remake of «Dune»

The young actor commented in a previous interview for Vanity Fair that the story seemed appealing to him as the character «is on a kind of antihero journey». «He thinks he’s going to be some kind of young general who studies his father and his leadership of a fighting force before he’s of legal age, hopefully a decade later, or something,» he added. Dune» is scheduled to release december 18 this year, which could be modified in the face of the pandemic. Although at the moment it is part of the films whose arrival date in cinemas was not yet altered. Will it continue like this? In this note:

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