translated from Spanish: Russia: Putin prepares plan for ‘extraordinary’ situation by coronavirus

President Vladimir Putin responded on Monday that Russia needs a plan for an “extraordinary” scenario for the new coronavirus, at a time when the number of contagions is growing rapidly in the country. According to the latest official balance, Russia adds 18,328 cases of contagion and 148 deaths, with an increase of 2,558 cases in the last 24 hours, a record since the emergence of the virus in the territory.

The coming weeks will be “decisive” for Russia’s fight against the virus, while the situation is “changing frequently every day, and unfortunately not for the better,” Vladimir Putin said during a videoconference meeting with officials. The president urged him to “consider all scenarios of how the situation will evolve, even the most complex and extraordinary.” The Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Health, Tatiana Golikova, who coordinates efforts to combat the new coronavirus, said she feared a major increase in cases in Moscow, the main focus of the epidemic in the country, and in the region surrounding the capital in the coming days.
Consider the week just beginning and the start of next week as a period for the period needed to grow infections in Moscow and in your region,” during the video conference.

Putin further acknowledged the situation not evolving “in the best direction” in Russia and the peak of the epidemic had not yet lost. He also admitted that there was a shortage of protective equipment for health workers.
Specialists [médicos] and their colleagues must receive the premiums provided for their particular working conditions and must be equipped with means of individual protection,” they said.

“I know that [estos medios] they’re not always necessary. Additional measures are needed to compensate for these hardships,” he said, without specifying the scope of this scale. The opposition, led by Kremlin no.3r Alexei Navalni, has multiplied in recent days for social media complaints by poor-quality health care teams. Moscow, our health services are overcrowded, an electronic safe conduct system may be under a system on Monday to control confinement.

Presidents can also die

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