translated from Spanish: Sergio Berni: «The theme is not to repress or not to repress, but how it is done»

Yesterday the Bonaerense Police suppressed a protest by a group of Penta Refrigerator workers in the town of Quilmes, who were looking to enter the plant to keep their jobs. In recent days they began to report that the company did not pay the entire salaries and the site was closed, even though the food sector is considered an essential activity. The owner of the refrigerator is Ricardo Bruzzese, pointed out by the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza, who accuses him of not advocating the obligatory conciliation that was given after a meeting that the parties held in the municipality.

Bruzzese closed the doors of the establishment and «left about 250 people on the street, who decided to start a camp for an indeterminate time until they had their decent work again,» the workers and trade union leaders explained. In this regard and in dialogue with Futurock, the Minister of Security of Bonaerense, Sergio Berni, said that «the issue is not to suppress or not to repress, but how it is done». 

«The Commissioner has already started it, first we must start the proceedings can not be done, we must exonerate him and why exonerate him?, you tell me because they were repressed, is it wrong that they have repressed? Look, the role of the police when there’s a crime is to crack down on. Now, everything has a technique, we’re not wild Indians,» Berni said. In this line he further emphasized that «there were Chicago bars in there that I don’t know why they were there. There are a few things that need to be cleared up. The problem is not repression, but when it is repressed there is a technique and it must be respected.» «It was a police awkwardness because people were calm, they asked to go out the people inside, they asked to open the gates and that’s where people got in,» he said. In this note:

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