translated from Spanish: They mock Derbez and remind him of his fake wedding to Victoria Ruffo

Mexico.- Through social networks users remembered “the fake wedding” of Eugenio Derbez after Dr. Desirée Sagarnaga imSS official demining the false information that the comedian disseminated on his social networks.
Derbez recorded a video in which he read a letter sent to him by a doctor friend, in which he describes the situation allegedly at Social Security Clinic 20 in Baja California.
The message read by the former Televisa worker was a chain sent via WhatsApp with the intent to disinform and cause panic among the population, which was denied by IMSS.
Soon, on Twitter comments against the son of the first actress Silvia Derbez, crowded the social network, even called him “the new Lord Montages”, alluding to Carlos Loret de Mola.
On the social network the anecdote about the fake wedding that, in the 1990s, Derbez had organized for the actress resurfaced.

I don’t know why eugenio Derbez spreads fakenews, he could be doing worse things, like making movies or cheating on women by faking weddings.
Victoria Ruffo.
— Calatabolinaga (@calatabolinaga) April 13, 2020

What a laugh that Victoria Ruffo is a twitter trend for the Derbez show and the IMSS BC ?
— D. (@dlnchh) April 13, 2020

@EugenioDerbez is more fake than her wedding to Victoria Ruffo @victoriaruffo31 #FakeNews the #LordFakeNews #FakeWedding
— you found it all (@EnContrasteEsto) April 13, 2020

Victoria Ruffo virginite that I no longer relate to the Derbez:
— Diego (@Nio79250849) April 13, 2020

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