translated from Spanish: Donald Trump met at the White House with coVID-19 recovery

U.S. President Donald Trump met at the White House with sick people who have recovered from COVID-19. Among the exacents was Michigan state legislator Karen Whitsett, who has publicly praised Trump for promoting the use of an anti-malaria drug _que she says she used it during her convalecencia_ as a treatment for the disease.

Whitsett again thanked Trump at Tuesday’s meeting and said hydrochloroquine should be widely available to people in Detroit, which is his district. Trump has promoted the use of the drug as a treatment for COVID-19, although it has not been approved by the federal government for that specific use. Trump also received a passenger who was on a cruise where there was an outbreak of the virus.

Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett spoke to the President and Vice President about her experience recovering from Coronavirus.” Thank you for everything that you have done.”— The White House (@WhiteHouse)
April 14, 2020

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