translated from Spanish: More than 40% of tenants were unable to pay April

A survey of the impact of isolation on rent payments found that 41.9% of tenants were unable to pay April for the loss of their work sources, and 58.4% of respondents receive less income compared to March.

The National Tenant Federation conducted a national survey to analyze the effects of the brakes on the economy, as a result of mandatory isolation, on the payment of housing rents. Eight thousand people were interviewed on Monday, April 6 and Thursday, April 9. The result also revealed that 51% of tenants did not receive CBU (uniform banking key) to make bank transfer, a mandatory measure by decree and that 34.1% of respondents have a household member who lost their job or receives no income from quarantine.

Gervasio Muñoz, president of the National Tenant Federation, said that «tenants are going through a very serious crisis. It is essential that rental prices are frozen and evictions suspended for two years. In addition, it is urgent, as soon as Congress reopens, a renting law that brings peace of mind to 9 million tenants and tenants across the country.»

The Federation demanded the implementation of sanctions on real estate companies that do not comply with the Decree, and attribute the irregularity to which real estate companies have most of their contracts «in black». In this note:

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