translated from Spanish: Schoolchildren in the era of coronavirus: Channels release educational TV signal and government confirms that return to classes will be “gradual”

At a ceremony held in La Moneda, President Sebastián Piñera announced that Anatel’s channels will implement the TV Educa Chile signal that will broadcast educational material for schoolchildren while maintaining the modality of classes at a distance due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The programmatic platform will transmit educational content from 7 AM to 23 hours and will be available from Monday 27 April, when the resumption of school classes is planned after the end of the advanced winter holidays.
At the time, the Mandate highlighted this alternative considering that while the Ministry of Education “developed a virtual platform called “Learning Online”, which most students can access through the internet, not all households have access to the internet.” Television, on the other hand, “is the main means of communication and four out of five Chileans are informed through it,” he said.
However, the Mandate stated that “we are aware that distance education does not replace face-to-face education and the necessary interaction that must exist between students and their teachers.”
No specific date
In this context, the Government confirmed that there is no specific date for return to face-to-face classes. In his daily balance sheet of Covid-19, Health Minister Jaime Mañalich stated that “it is likely” that school classes cannot be restarted in April and that “when the restart is arranged it will be done progressively”.
This point was later confirmed by the Minister of Education Raúl Figueroa in La Moneda. The Secretary of State confirmed that this restart plan envisages a gradual “sanitary with pedagogical” return and indicated that work is being done between mine and minsal in “coordinated protocols”.
In addition, he stated that the return considers stages of diagnosis and leveling for students.

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