translated from Spanish: The other goal of the palace: to appear as the best country fighting COVID-19 in Latin America

Within the Government of Sebastián Piñera has been installed the idea that needs to be highlighted as much as possible in the international concert, the strategy that Chile is implementing to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, with special emphasis compared to the countries of Latin America.
Indeed, so far, different international institutions have highlighted or cited the work it has done in Chile these weeks and the low mortality rate, which, government sources have said, the dissemination of these comments has been “informally instructed”. This is how reports from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the Economist Intelligence Unit and the financial J.P. Morgan circulate extensively among advisers, public persons and “leaders in different areas”, all with the aim of seeing Chile as an “example in other troubling cases such as Ecuador and Brazil”.
The same source added that the idea is that such a comparison “is in a subtle way”. Not like the argentine media leak of the report prepared by the second-floor advisor, Pablo Eguiguren, which makes a detailed comparison of Chile’s measures versus those taken by the Transandino country, an episode that left a bitter taste in La Moneda and the annoyance of the President, Piñera.
Beyond the point-in-time filtration, in officialism they added that the “comparisons” with the rest of the countries of the region are “daily bread” and that one of the most used inputs for this, would be the threads on Twitter that Eguiguren himself makes with those counterpoints and with international notes highlighting Chile abroad.
“The news flies between chats, until it’s TT – a trend on Twitter-,” said a source. That, as an effort to position in the international press that Chile’s model has been much more effective in having more tests and fewer mortality rates than the neighboring countries. From La Moneda they narrowed that the idea “is to see the effective work, as the NOTE of the BBC points out”, referring to the report “How Chile has managed to keep the Covid-19 (and what its Achilles heel may be at bay)”, published in the Latin American version of the British medium.
For this reason, they confessed in the Government, generated annoyance among the main palace authorities that prestigious media in the international concert such as El País de España – which has given coverage to the different formulas applied in Latin America – highlighted measures such as the total quarantine applied by the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, and not the formula applied by Chile , of which only mention was made of the unified use of the hospital system.

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