translated from Spanish: Young woman and two older adults die in Sinaloa by Covid-19

Sinaloa.- The coronavirus claimed its first young victim in Sinaloa, when a 26-year-old woman who suffered from a neurological condition (tumor in the brain) died, which came to complicate her health by spreading in this pandemic. Three deaths were recorded yesterday, extending the fatal statistic to 29 deaths since the first case was given at the entity, about 45 days ago. In addition, thirteen municipalities currently have at least one positive case for coronavirus, when the state and the country are still in phase two of the spread of contagion.

Downtown zone
The official reported that the young woman who lost her life belonged to the municipality of Navolato; while the two males, aged 68 and 74, were from Culiacan, and were suffering from chronic health problems. As for the number of active patients of coronavirus, it thickened with fifteen more cases, of which ten are from Culiacan, two from Ahome, and one from Navolato, Cosalá and Guasave, to reach 198 the total, in addition to the number of suspects increased to 317.La
Encinas Torres criticized the still seeing of many people on the streets, which complicates efforts to mitigate the spread of contagion: “Although we are still in phase two, we are quickly going to phase three, where we could have thousands of sick sinaloians at high risk of dying, and we will be oversized in hospitals. We wouldn’t want that to happen,” Encinas Torres said at his daily appearance before society to give the details of the progress of the pandemic. “It’s a tragedy for someone to die. For our families, for the beings around us, it is important to follow the prevention measures we have identified,” he noted, and he called on the population to stay home to narrow the growth of contagion.

National: Sinaloa, second place in death
Sinaloa continues to rank the un honorable second national place in terms of coronavirus deaths, only below Mexico City (64), of the 332 deaths caused by the pandemic in the country. However, in terms of confirmed cases of contagion, Sinaloa registers only 251, of which 198 are active, and in that line our entity falls to the sixth rung of a classification that leads Mexico City (1437), followed by the State of Mexico (558), Baja California (368), Puebla (269) and Quintana Roo (239).

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