translated from Spanish: Serenity and responsibility of all levels of government before contingency: GPMORENA

Morelia, Michoacán.- A call to serenity and responsibility is the coordinator of the parliamentary group of Morena in the Congress of Michoacán, Sergio Báez Torres, in the face of the situation of contingency of covid-19, and the economic crisis that is going through the whole country.
Following the statements made by the governor of the entity, the representative of Morena in the local parliament, recalled that the shares of the states have arrived normally, however, not the extraordinary resources, for in similar emergency circumstances the resources were used for other purposes without the proper transfer that was required.
The local deputy considered the federal government as a form of pressure, the statements by some state officials, in the face of the global contingency of coronavirus, so he called for the solidarity and unity of all Mexicans.

“It’s a dynamic that several governors are taking in the sense of pushing for additional resources; this difficult time that we are living in the country, rather than to question a style of governance, it is time to stand in solidarity with the public and get ahead.”

Likewise, the coordinator of the Brownist bench, recalled that resources for the health system were influencing all entities, and that the Federation government has made an effort to provide medical equipment thus strengthening the work against the coronavirus pandemic, proof of this is the agreement scheme agreed with the private health institutions that will deal with some cases of COVID-19.
Therefore it goes to is Torres made a call for serenity and unity in order to maintain an atmosphere of coexistence in the face of the difficult health situation that Michoacán and Mexico goes through.

“We all have to calm down and take on this moment that we are living with great responsibility, understanding that it will not be resolved overnight, it is a process; today the indications are that it will extend contingencies until May 30 in some places and that makes us much more careful and that we maintain an atmosphere of coexistence, so that we can deal with this situation, in a coordination effort and between the different levels of government.”

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