translated from Spanish: Workers should not accept minimum wage

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The delegate of the South Zone Attorney’s Office, Martín Morales Acuña, called on workers to refuse the minimum wage payment of companies that went on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. He explained that according to the health emergency, the worker is expected to be paid 100 percent of their salary. “That is, if they earn 400 pesos a day, the 400 pesos will have to cover them, even if they have suspended the activities,” said Acuña Morales.
The delegate noted that the offices were closed until further notice. However, they will provide advice to unemployed persons by telephone, at 6691-00-56-14. Until yesterday, they had 17 advice on unjustified redundancies. Opening hours are from 08:00 to 14:00 hours, Monday to Friday. Acuña Morales commented that in some companies they are cutting staff, and in other cases payments are being delayed on the grounds that the employer has no money. Recommendations
Acuña Morales recommended that people over 65 not work. He said that from the beginning of quarantine, the elderly population must be protected at home, as it is the most vulnerable to this pandemic. The delegate stressed that if workers over the age of 65 are still in work, they can stop doing so and will have the protection of the law. People vulnerable to Covid-19 viruses, such as pregnant women, asthmatic people, as well as hypertensive people, will also be protected. Acuña Morales pointed out that sanctions are not yet contemplated, as in the Office of the Attorney General they lack the staff who go to the work centers, because they are at home.
We are waiting through the state holder what the amounts will be, according to how they are marked, the submissions of the payment of profits and aguinaldos, commented the delegate.
In addition, he recommended not signing waivers.

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