translated from Spanish: Harboe requests Comptroller’s ruling for the protection of personal data in the Safe Street Plan program

The senator for the Region of Uble and Biobío, Felipe Harboe (PPD), asked the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) to issue a pronouncement regarding the protection of personal data and the expenditure of $16 million to acquire a thousand cameras of telesurveillance for the new crime prevention program.
Within the petition, the parliamentarian argued that the “apparently artificial intelligence system in public spaces” says nothing about the protection of data, legality and the principle of purpose that such technologies must have.”
I also comment that “there is a huge debate here at the international and also national level on these matters and I think it is key for the CGR to rule out to see whether it will apply the new constitutional law enshrined in the number 4 of article 19 of the Political Constitution of the Republic, which is the protection of personal data,” he said.
The context of the petition is given under the “Safe Street Plan”, a plan in which the Undersecretariat for Crime Prevention approved the “Innovation and Technology Program for Crime Prevention” and called for tenders in January 2020, as published on the Public Market portal (ID 654478-1-LR20).
This initiative seeks to have a remote protection system at the national level, with a focus on the most vulnerable sectors and with the highest crime rate of high social connotation that do not have the high-level technology contemplated by this system, with the aim of preventing crimes, controlling uncivilities, supporting in emergencies and contributing to criminal prosecution , among others.
In the document, the parliamentaria also requested that the Comptroller rule on the legality and expenditure of the tender procedure in the purchase of the logistics items, which reached $16 million.

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