translated from Spanish: Disposable and fabric covers sold in up to 35 pesos

Cristian Ruiz
Morelia, Michoacán.- Between the 9 to 35 pesos, is the price of disposable and washable fabric cover in Morelia markets and shops.
Last Thursday the governor of the State of Michoacán Silvano Aureoles Conejo decreed that the entire population must use head coverings when going out on the street, and this caused this product to be further from pharmacies and supermarkets, but in some shops and fixed markets of Morelia can still be found at various prices.
The blue or white simple disposable head covers are found in all 8 pesos and a 12-piece pack costs 110 pesos.
A little more expensive, there are surgical masks, which unlike simple nozzle covers, are of a slightly resistant material and have marked holes for placement and a closure that adapts to the size of the nose.
These range from 12 to 20 pesos per piece and a pack of 10 is between 100 and 120 pesos, in black and white colors.
Although its effectiveness is under discussion, washable bed covers are either fabric or nylon are another option that is on sale in markets, their prices range from 15 to 25 pesos for those designed for children, while for those of adults between 25 and 35.
The structure that some fabric covers have consisting of a piece of fabric with double lining and in the middle have a filter similar to that of the simple head covers and words of the sellers, can be washed by hand or to washing machine without any problem.
Antibacterial gel is another product that has been fairly demanded to avoid covid-19 contagions, 90 ML bottles can be found at $25, while there are also ones of half a liter in 60 and those of liter between 90 and 100 pesos.

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