translated from Spanish: I revived the talk of Nati Jota and Grego Rosello in Filo.toon

Nati Jota and Grego Rosello performed at Filo.tón, the solidarity event of Filo.News that seeks to raise funds for the Argentine Red Cross in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. With regard to how they go through quarantine, Nati commented: “I am particularly alone; First I started spending it with my sister. First I said all this about meeting yourself, it sounded like a shamoon, and now that I’m left alone, I’m realizing things.” Then he added: “I worry that it is an uninterminable mass of time, when you are alone as there are no schedules, the day is eternal and there is no division of days.” For his part, the comedian revealed that he is going through quarantine in a new relationship.
You can follow the live stream here.

“I am with my girlfriend; everything happened during quarantine, I had had an appointment with her before we quarantined together two months ago… here we are, we are getting to know each other, everything is going well,” he said, and indicated that he prefers to keep his partner’s image private. “I can’t believe Grego, you went into quarantine alone and went out as a boyfriend,” Nati laughed, to what he added: “When we get back to real life the challenge is how to keep these changes in our lives.” Although she told me that she was “half-altered” in the beginning, she confessed that in front of the standing world it is difficult to measure how one really feels: “I miss my friends, my family, a lot of things,” she continued. In this note:
Grego Rosello
Nati Jota

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