translated from Spanish: Keiko Fujimori asks to be released from prison for fear of getting COVID-19

Peruvian opposition leader Keiko Fujimori requested the cessation of her pre-trial detention over the scandal of Brazilian construction company Odebrecht at the risk of contracting the coronavirus in prison, her lawyer reported on Saturday (18.04.2020).
“We have been notified of a hearing to review the application for a pre-trial detention presented as a result of the serious risk of coronavirus infection that is increasingly advancing in our country’s criminals,” attorney Giulliana Loza said on Twitter.
Loza noted that the National Criminal Chamber of the Judiciary will hold the hearing on Tuesday. The firstborn of the imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) is expected to participate from prison by videoconference.
Appeal hearing
The National Penal Chamber also scheduled for next Thursday a prison appeal hearing that serves twice presidential candidate and leader of the Fujimorista Party People’s Force (populist right).
“We’re hoping for justice, ” tweeted Loza. On Monday, Keiko asked the authorities to release his 81-year-old father, also invoking the risk of him getting coronavirus in jail, but his application was rejected by the authorities.
Keiko is in The Women’s Prison of Chorrillos in Lima, where she is serving 15 months in pre-trial detention since 29 January as part of an investigation by the prosecution for the alleged money laundering for illicit contributions she would have received from Odebrecht for the 2011 and 2016 presidential campaigns.
Insulation measures
In Keiko prison, other inmates have reported that solitary confinement measures between prisoners are not respected and that there are no health protocols in prison staff.
According to the authorities, the COVID-19 pandemic has left at least seven prisoners dead and more than 40 infected in overcrowded Peruvian prisons. Also 26 prison guards have tested positive for the virus.

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