translated from Spanish: Magalí Tajes revealed that he would like to participate in the Dancing with Flor Jasmine Peña

Magalí Tajes (31) is a writer and comedian. She received her as a psychologist at the University of Buenos Aires and is the author of two books: “Arde la vida”, which was published in February 2015 and was reissued in 2018, and “Caos”, published in the same year and being the second best seller in Argentina.She works as a stand-up comedian since 2013, the year where she participated in the Emerging Festival City and specials of the television channel Central Comedy. The impact she gained on networks is because, after analyzing how the situation was with respect to comedians, she realized that there were a lot of people in the position of comedians and had to face the issue on the other hand, because of her specialty: psychology. Since 2017 he presents his one-person called “Los Otros”, which he made in countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Spain and that, on YouTube, less than a month after publication, exceeds 930 thousand reproductions. 

Today he spoke with Filo.toon, although he apologised earlier for not showing up on time. His excuse was that his cell phone is bad because last week he dropped the bathtub and woke up at 2.30pm, just minutes ago. Speaking of quarantine, he recounted being foiled for a trip to India and gave details of what he does in these days of isolation. The first 25 days she spent with Flor Jazmín Peña (her former partner), in the department of the winning dancer of the Dancer 2019, but now she is alone in a borrowed apartment. He admitted that by participating in the Dancing, he would like to do so with Flor Jasmine and that he would love to dance cumbia, because knowing how to dance that rhythm “you have joy in the body”. And finally he concluded by saying that his personal desire for this year is to learn to speak English, and he asked everyone to make their donation to the Red Cross.

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