translated from Spanish: Minsal reports 126 deaths by Covid-19 and contagion figure is close to 10,000

A lone Jaime Mañalich delivered a new report of the covid-19 coronavirus advance in the country on Saturday. The Health Minister began by giving global figures, which reach more than 2 million cases, however he acknowledged how difficult it is to account for contagions. “We don’t know what the reality is on the planet of really affected people,” he said.
In Chile, the secretary of state reported 478 new cases of Covid, “which keeps us at this level of approximately 450 and 500 cases,” Mañalich said, noting that there were 60 fewer cases than yesterday.
In total, the government accounts for 9,730 cases of coronavirus. This while the death toll rose to 126 with 10 new cases to regret.
“Eight patients because of their advanced age, due to their basic illness, were subjected only to proportional treatment without being admitted to an intensive treatment unit or connected to a mechanical ventilator,” the minister said.
Mañalich also reported that so far 4,035 people have recovered from the disease. “They are all candidates for the covid card,” said the health portfolio holder. He also noted that “we remain at a relatively high number of exams per day: 5018 exams were conducted yesterday, in 45 of the 51 laboratories they reported across the country.”
“This has had a cumulative positivity rate of 9.5 percent, or out of every 100 tests taken, approximately 10 people show up with a positive test,” he added.
Finally Mañalich focused on the regions, noting that the communes of Punta arenas, Concepción, Chillán and Talca, which have experienced new outbreaks, are of concern – for the increase in cases.

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