translated from Spanish: New Yorkers will now be able to marry by Zoom or other platforms to viruses

New York.- The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic will no longer be an impediment to love in New York. State Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday that there will no longer be excuses for couples wishing to get married to have no trouble carrying out their sleep and will allow links through Zoom or other telematics platforms.

Technology will make it possible for lovers, their families and friends to witness a wedding without violating the restriction that prohibits the agglomeration of New Yorkers and to maintain, by far, a distance of two meters to prevent the contagion of COVID-19.” You can get the license to get married online,” Cuomo said at his daily press conference on the coronavirus situation and added that he has authorized the ceremonies to be done via video or other platforms like Zoom.To get the latest news about coronavirus, sign up by clicking on this space and we will send you the information instantly.” There are no excuses, you can do it for Zoom. Yes or no,” he said with a big smile to show that the serious public health situation should not prevent in-love New Yorkers from fulfilling their dreams. You may be interestedThe Nurses in the Bronx demand respect from authorities: “We are dying”In New York they lower hospitalizations by Covid-19New York will maintain measures of coronavirus containment until May 15New York, like other states of the United States and countries, have banned sporting or cultural events and the concentration of many people, social estrangement was also ordered and work from home as tools to prevent the spread of the virus , which has disrupted the lives of millions of people who have had to postpone important events, such as weddings, including actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

But technology has come to the rescue of many who have been able to marry in some countries through platforms, which will now be joined by New York State. 

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