translated from Spanish: Pascual Fidelio, director of Malbrán: “In the face of novelty sometimes there are no established recipes”

Pascual Fidelio, director of the Malbrán Institute, participated in the Filo.ton solidarity that seeks to raise money for the Red Cross and which will be aimed mostly at the Malbrán Institute and explained how they deal with the coronavirus pandemic that put them at the center of the scene. At the institute run by Pascual, the first COVID-19 tests were processed and a number of infected tests may have been obtained when the pandemic arrived in the country. 

“The feeling I have now is that of public service, I performed in situations where public service was the center of our life, so it’s not a strange environment, I’m a product of public school from kindergarten to graduate school, and one from this is returning what you received,” Fidelio said of the feeling that goes through it in the middle of the coronavirus and his homework. Interviewed by Fabricio Ballarini, the Director of Malbrán stated that in the scientific system there are “people committed to finding outlets to the dynamics posed by the pandemic”. 
Three months ago this virus did not exist, this puts pressure on you that before the novelty there are no established recipes 

“The scientific system is very determined to find the possible outlets,” he repeated, recalling that the institute discovered in recent weeks the sequencing of COVID-19ogenes and works in the public production of medicines.” There is a huge commitment even though there is little gain, that we have to go against the system, we are very committed,” he explained. 

At another point in the entrition, when he was asked about malran funding, he said: “We are covered, there is funding from the ministry, but we find huge levels of solidarity with doctors, nurses.”

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