translated from Spanish: Salary cut to senior state officials advances in Senate but agree to exclude judiciary

Parliamentarians of the Broad Front called for speeding up the progress in the upper house of the project that lowers the salaries of senior state officials. The same one that initially affected only the parliamentary diet but which after being dispatched in December by the Chamber of Deputies, included senior officials of the Executive and Judicial Branch, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Comptroller’s Office, the FF.AA. and Orden. In addition to state companies and universities.
According to El Mercurio, the bill was generally approved by the Senate, but with qualms about its wording.
On Monday the deadline expires and Senators Andrés Allamand (RN) and Felipe Harboe (PPD) led the proposals for officialism and opposition, recording several coincidences between the two, even though each sector will enter its indications separately.
For example, according to the morning, both Allamand’s text and Harboe’s text consolidate the idea of narrowing down the rebate only to parliamentarians and positions of the politically trusted Executive, excluding the judiciary and other public institutions.
But how much would their salaries be lower? This is where senators disagree. Harboe proposes a 30% reduction, while Allamand suggests that instead of a transitional guarismo while the organic law is being processed, in 30 days of the issue the rule is the ADP Council (High Public Management) that sets the diet of parliamentarians and ministers, and in 120 days that of other Executive authorities, and mayors and governors.
While both agree that there is an external body that sets income, opponents suggest that the entity in charge is a commission of five members appointed by the President, to be ratified by two-thirds of the senators. While the Government has proposed that this role should also be fulfilled by the ADP.
“I hope that in three weeks we can dispatch this from the committee, we will do our best to ensure that it is as quickly as possible, so that it will soon be voted in the room,” Harboe says, along with requesting that the limit on re-election of authorities be put on board.
Regarding the judiciary, Allamand explained to the media that “they correspond to a different logic” since there is an official career that is not such in parliamentarians and ministers.
“The civil career or those appointed by Senior Public Management (ADP) is excluded. Including the Judiciary, Comptroller or Public Prosecution Service was not appropriate. They should not be mixed with the low salaries of political office,” Harboe added.

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