translated from Spanish: “What a pleasure to see you again”: Ciro Martínez brought his rock to Filo.tón

The music of Andrés “Ciro” Martínez is part of the classic Argentine themes. They are those that we resort to no matter how long the years pass, those who lift the spirits and accompany you at times where everything seems to get dark.

And the pandemic is one of them. That is why from Filo.News we organize Filo.tón, a festival with the contribution of dozens of artists, youtubers, instagramers, figures that come together in a space to bench social isolation, preventive and obligatory with entertainment and good content. Among them, Cyrus. The artist joined the initiative by sending a video in which he is heard playing one of his most acclaimed songs “Before and After”, which can well be adjusted to the times that are running, times when more than many want to shout: “What a pleasure to see you again”.

Ciro Martínez Photo: Instagram @ciroylospersasoficial

“What a pleasure to see you again. We say to each other without speaking, today everything starts again, and it will be what it already was”, the artist sang this afternoon saturday, April 18th. A song that excites especially as many wait for the day to meet those they want, once the government’s quarantine to slow the coVID-19 advance is over. Because art brings, transmits, approaches and breaks all kinds of boundaries, it is important to highlight the work of artists, mainly in the face of this delicate context. Filo.tón aims to raise funds for the Red Cross, and some of it will be handed over to the Malbrán Institute, which is essential to quell the virus’s spread curve. I followed the transmission of the Filo.toon
Twelve hours of shows, games, presentations and more. Where? Subscribe to our YouTube channel here. There are still many artists, interviews and surprises. And if you turn on, donate your contribution to the Red Cross by calling 0810-999-2222.In this note:

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