translated from Spanish: ANEF announced that they will file protective resources across the country

The National Group of Tax Employees (ANEF) again rejected the Government’s circular office No.18, instructing public officials to return to their jobs in person, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. ANEF President José Pérez Debelli clarified that state workers are working, in the remote mode of work, and that critical functions are being fulfilled. Debelli called the Executive’s order to return to physical work in state administration offices «irresponsible,» because there are no guarantees to take care of the health of state workers and the population. The leader added that «it cannot be that the economy is above human lives. That is why we reiterate our call that public officials do not attend their jobs on Monday, April 20, that they continue to work remotely, it is not a whim for self-care.» In addition, the confederation’s helmsman announced «that we will bring protection appeals across the country in order to reverse this nefarious measure.» For her part, the president of the Central Unitarian Workers (CUT), Bárbara Figueroa, gave her support to the group and tax officials. Figueroa reported that the CUT together with the Public Sector Bureau will make a presentation in the Comptroller General of the Public, for the latter to rule on circular No. 18.Also the chair of the Committee on Labour and Social Security of the Chamber of Deputies, Gael Yeomans (CS), and the chairman of the Senate Labour and Social Security Committee were also present , Juan Pablo Letelier (P.S). Both assured that they would hold special sessions to ask the Government for explanations on the return of public officials to their jobs, and for the opening of trade, stressing that they will seek to revoke both measures. It should be recalled that the latest measures recently announced by the Government have been strongly questioned by all opposition political parties. In addition, RN President Mario Desbordes said: «I think it is an unnecessary risk to get public officials back. We have a huge economic crisis, there is no doubt about that, but we are not going to solve the economic crisis and we can aggravate the health crisis.»

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