translated from Spanish: Begins to govern the Senior Circulation Permit: How to Process It

From this Monday, the permit to circulate adults over 70 years of age in the City of Buenos Aires, a measure applied with the aim of minimizing the exits of this risk group against the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), will begin to govern.

The authorization, which reaches about 490,000 people over 70 years of age living in the Federal Capital, must be applied for through line 147, will be valid for the day granted and provides for exceptions such as retirement collection, medical treatments and vaccination.How is it processed? The person who needs it should contact 147. First, an operator will seek to give you phone containment and try to dissuade you from going out on the street. If the permit order is still maintained, you will be asked for the ID and given a processing code. On public roads, technological control will be done by agents through cell phones, requesting the adult’s ID. There will be no fines. The measure taken by the Government of Buenos Aires received accessions, such as that of President Alberto Fernández, and also strong rejections. Therefore, on the eve of the coming into force, the head of government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, published this Sunday a letter on social networks explaining the reasons why he decided to establish this rule.
The full letter
“Dear neighbors of the City of Buenos Aires: I write this letter from the comments that have arisen since Friday, April 17, we announced our intention to strengthen care for people over 70. I always listen to them and this is no exception. While several people and leaders of society expressed their support for this decision, it is also true that, by various means, many others expressed their concern to me. I want, first of all, to tell you that I fully understand the frustration, and even the anger that some older adults in the City felt. My intention is not to underestimate or make anyone feel bad. However, I cannot deny reality: all the evidence in the world shows that the over-70s are by far the most risk of life. In Europe, 8 out of 10 deaths from the virus are older adults. And in Argentina, the average age of the deceased is 71 years. I can’t stop the virus from affecting each other more than others. It’s just the way this pandemic develops. What is my responsibility is to take the measures in my power to avoid as many deaths as possible. For this, we have a Comprehensive Assistance and Accompaniment Plan for older adults that contemplates not only physical health care, but also the psychological and emotional containment that we all need at this difficult time where the most valuable thing we have is at stake, which is life. We have a network of mental health professionals who are willing to listen to them and we also reinforce the cultural and affective accompaniment proposals so that they can be at home in the best possible way. Now, the most important thing is to minimize street exits. And that’s the spirit of the decision we communicated on Friday, because we all see that today there is more traffic of people on the street. And that means an increased risk of contagion. I can understand that the public communication of this measure was not clear in mentioning the word “permission”. But our intention was always, is and will help them take care of themselves. We do not seek to control them, let alone restrict their freedom and autonomy. We only ask you to call us before you leave so that we can offer you the alternatives we have in the City to solve your needs, thus minimizing the exits and their risks. First of all asking their families to help them. And for those who do not have this support, there are 35 thousand volunteers of the “Greater Care” program totally willing to go to the supermarket or buy them a remedy so that they do not have to leave. Same thing the building managers, who are also willing to help them. Possibly this is one of the hardest decisions I had to make, because I knew it was going to hurt. Some even told me about the political cost that the measure could have. I want to be clear: there is no political speculation in this. Especially when people’s lives are at stake. I know staying home is hard. But we’re here to help and assist you. I ask you all to come with us. Let history not be how the coronavirus affected us, but how we all went forward together.” In this note:

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